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THIS INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT (Blackhoof Contracting, LLC Snow Removal by Snow Plow Agreement) for the period of time in 2018-2019 (Approximately 15 Nov 2018 until Approximately 15 Mar 2019) is made between YOU (the “Customer”), and Blackhoof Contracting, LLC, with administrative offices in Barnum, MN, for the purpose of setting forth the exclusive terms and conditions by which Customer desires to acquire Blackhoof Contracting, LLC services.

In consideration of the mutual obligations specified in this Agreement, the parties, intending to be legally bound hereby, agree to the following:

1. Services. Customer retains Blackhoof Contracting, LLC, and Blackhoof Contracting, LLC agrees to perform for Customer, certain services set forth in Exhibit A to this Agreement (the “Services”).

2. Consideration / Compensation:

In exchange for Services rendered to Customer, Customer shall provide Blackhoof Contracting, LLC full and complete compensation, which will be billed and shall be paid to Blackhoof Contracting, LLC via PayPal invoice.  Per Event Payments not received within 7 days of service will result in a $20 service charge.  Seasonal Payments will be billed and shall be paid to Blackhoof Contracting, LLC via PayPal invoice.  Seasonal Payments not received within 7 days of invoice will result in a $20 service charge.  All accounts (Per Event or Seasonal) that remain unpaid will continue to receive a $20 service fee, every 7 day period until the account is current.

3. Nondisclosure:

Blackhoof Contracting, LLC shall not disclose or otherwise make available to Customer or any third party in any manner any confidential and proprietary information received by Blackhoof Contracting, LLC from Customer or any third party. Blackhoof Contracting, LLC warrants that its performance of all the terms of this Agreement does not and will not breach any agreement entered into by Blackhoof Contracting, LLC with any other party.

4. Indemnification / Release:

Customer agrees to take all necessary precautions to prevent injury to any persons or damage to property during the term of this Agreement, and shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Blackhoof Contracting, LLC, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, representatives and/or agents from any claim, liability, loss, cost, damage, judgment, settlement or expense (including attorney’s fees) resulting from or arising in any way out of injury (including death) to any person or damage to property arising in any way out of any act, error, omission or negligence on the part of Blackhoof Contracting, LLC in the performance or failure to fulfill any Services or obligations under this Agreement.

5. Insurance and Other Requirements:

(a) Blackhoof Contracting, LLC warrants that it will obtain and keep in full force and effect at all times hereunder workers’ compensation, general liability and errors and omissions or professional liability insurance covering all of its Services.

(b) Blackhoof Contracting, LLC also warrants and represents that it has properly classified all of its workers, has and will maintain all required licenses and certifications.

6. Termination:

This Agreement shall be effective on the date hereof and shall continue until terminated by either party upon 14 business days written notice.

7. Independent Contractor:

(a) Customer and Blackhoof Contracting, LLC expressly agree and understand that Blackhoof Contracting, LLC is an independent contractor and nothing in this Agreement shall be construed in any way or manner, to create between them a relationship of employer and employee, principal and agent, partners or any other relationship other than that of independent parties contracting with each other solely for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of the Agreement.

(b) Blackhoof Contracting, LLC is solely responsible for directing and controlling the performance of the Services, including the time, place and manner in which the Services are performed. Blackhoof Contracting, LLC shall use its best efforts, energy and skill in its own name and in such manner as it sees fit.

8. General:

(a) This Agreement does not create an obligation on Customer to continue to retain Blackhoof Contracting, LLC beyond this Agreement’s termination. This Agreement may not be changed unless mutually agreed upon in writing by both parties.

(b) Blackhoof Contracting, LLC hereby agrees that each provision herein shall be treated as a separate and independent clause, and the unenforceability of any one clause shall in no way impair the enforceability of any of the other clauses herein.

(d) This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties hereto with respect to the transactions contemplated herein. The language of all parts of this Agreement will in all cases be construed as a whole in accordance with its fair meaning and not for or against either party.

(e) All notices provided for in this Agreement are hereby given herewith and shall be effective when agreed to and/or signed by Customer and/or received by Blackhoof Contracting, LLC.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Independent Contractor Agreement.



Customer hereby retains Blackhoof Contracting, LLC, and Blackhoof Contracting, LLC hereby agrees to perform for Customer snow removal by snow plow.